Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shore Acres Wave

Nature at its Best!

If you want to witness the raw power of the ocean, stand in awe, capture nature at its best and be inspired, then you must visit Shore Acres State Park during or after a winter storm. There is NOTHING like it anywhere! When the conditions are just right, which requires a high surf, the right tide level, continual wave action, low wind, a sunny day, and hitting the offshore rocks in the right place at the right time, magic happens. The rugged cliffs of Shore Acres rise between 80 to 100 feet above the sea. From November through January it is not uncommon for storms to generate these incredible, powerful, earth shaking works of natural beauty. Crashing waves often tower 150 to 200 feet into the air, and can douse the Sitka Spruce forest 200 to 250 feet away. A Shore Acres Wave is an awesome display of power. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Shore Acres Wave came to life. What made this event so unique from any other wave event is, there was no storm hitting us. The high surf advisory was generated from storms that hammered southern California. It is rare to witness this event with 70 degree weather, and no wind. The day was very perfect. This photo illustrates the aggressive power behind the beauty. The "triangle rock" stands 80 feet. Ominous crashing waves devoured the rock shortly after I took this photo. (Look at the first photo again...on the right side of the photo, you can see spectators enjoying the majestic show.)