Sunday, January 5, 2014

Golden and Silver Falls

                                 Golden and Silver Falls State Park along Glenn Creek, is a hidden gem in a lush green temperate rainforest nestled in an amphitheater of solid rock in the southern Oregon Coast Range. These two falls join together and create one of the largest tributaries to the East Fork of the Millicoma River. My mother and I took advantage of our regions lack of rain, in order to capture some remaining fall leaf color.
Falling an impressive 200 thundering feet, plus an additional 40 foot cascade through steep talus, Golden Falls is quite likely, the most impressive waterfall in the Coast Range.
Golden Falls was named in 1880, after Dr. Charles B. Golden, a Marshfield businessman. But the creek in which it flows is named Glenn Creek.

This creek is rich in lost history, and diverse in recreational activities.
In 1901, four of the homesteaders, in the Glenn Valley above Golden Falls, blasted the trail out of the rock bluff above the falls giving a right of way to Coos County.

The Pack Trail descended from the top of Golden Falls and crossed a boulder pile at the bottom of Silver Falls on a one lane wood bridge. What a scenic adventurous but scary ride that must have been.
From 1912 to 1916 an auto stage line ran daily through this route transporting cargo, and tourist enthusiast passengers between Allegany and Scottsburg. The road was used by the county until 1958, when the last of the original homesteaders moved out. Today, the bridge crossing is gone, but the blasted portion of the trail remains and can be walked by energetic hikers.
Neighboring Silver Falls, named after the creek in which it flows, is one of the best waterfalls in regards to its elegant poetic beauty and grandeur.
The creek plunges over a domelike protrusion of solid rock, and freefalls 150 feet. An additional 25-30 feet of cascade drops among large boulder’s before coming together at the bottom.
Golden Falls is the second, and Silver Falls is the third highest waterfalls in the Oregon Coast Range.
My mother and I enjoyed our autumn visit to these two beautiful falls... ...Actually, I have a "Muttly" crew that comes along on my travels as well. From left to right, I have Mocha - Maxx - Pynekone - Tyg. They love to get out and explore.

I would like to return to these falls during high water levels…just to see how big the water flow can get. I also want photograph an area along Glenn Creek named, “The Cascades”. There are no trails into this gorge and it was getting dark when we stopped to look at them. I will enter the results in a future blog.

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